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I say good morning,

you say good night.

You open your eyes,

I close mine.

I eat breakfast,

You eat dinner.

You say hello,

I say goodbye.

I say I Love You,

You say…


Unanswered Questions

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10 years…

I’ve never seen you in 10 years…

I’ve never thought about you in 10 years…

Never been a part of my life in 10 years…

But as soon as I close my eyes,

as soon as my head hits my pillow,

images of you flood my mind.

And I jump-

wide awake from the dream;

or was it a nightmare?

What gives you the right?

Who told you to?




Tic toc

tic toc

Where’s my answer?


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Square one – I begin the journey.

I slowly move forward, not know what lies ahead – what will happen.

I blindly find my way through, left, right, straight.

I run and try to catch up

To you.

You reach out, I hold on.

I catch my breath, I keep my pace.

Without warning-

You let go, I hold on.

I tried.

You walk on, no looking back, no signs of stopping.

I stay rooted, unmoving.

I try to move my leg, nothing.

I look ahead, as I stare at your figure-

Slowly disappear from view.

As I am stuck, lost, and confused.

Steps On How To Fall In Love

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Step 1: You meet him. You like him.

Step 2: You talk. You laugh. You hug. You say a brief goodbye- no- see you later.

Step 3: You see each other again. He asks you if you wanted to watch his show. You say yes.

Step 4: You grin like a stupid high school girl in love when he sings his song.

Step 5: You meet again. And again. And again. 

Step 6: You talk again. And again. And again.

Step 7: You meet again… So he can introduce you to his girlfriend.

Step 8: Back to Step 1

Move On… Or Not? (Filipino Poem)

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Matagal-tagal na rin tayong hindi nagkita.

5 taon na ang lumipas.

5 taon na ang nagdaan simula nung sinabi mong gusto mo ‘ko.

5 taon na ang nagdaan simula nung bigla ka lang naglaho, biglang hindi nagparamdam.

Sa totoo lang, sayang.

Sayang ang mga pinagdaanan natin.

Parang wala tayong pinagsamahan.

Parang hindi mo pinahahalagahan yung mga oras na nagpupuyat tayo kasi namomroblema ka sa babaeng gusto mo noon.

Parang hindi mo pinahahalagahan yung mga oras na tumatabi ka sa akin kasi nag-aalala ka, kasi nakita mong nakakunot nanaman ang noo ko.

Pero okay lang.

Wala lang.

Wala na yun. Bayaan mo na.

Past is past ika-nga.

Kalimutan mo na yun.

Nakalimutan na rin kita.

Kinalimutan na rin kita.

Hindi na rin kita naaalala.

Hindi na rin kita naiisip.

Sabi nga nila, naka move-on na raw ako.

Marami na rin akong nakilala sa loob ng 5 taon na ‘to.

Maraming nakilala.

Maraming nagustuhan.

Maraming beses umiyak.

Maraming beses nasaktan.

Pero bakit dahil sa isang post mo lang sa Facebook, sa isang post mo lang sa Instagram, biglang bumabalik ako sa nakaraan?

Doon sa 5 taon nang nakalipas?

Doon sa panahon na lagi mong hinahawakan ang kamay ko.

Doon sa panahon na lagi mo akong inaakbayan.

Doon sa panahon na lagi mo akong inaantay matulog bago mo ipikit ang mga mata mo.

Doon sa panahon na sinabi mo sa akin na gusto mo ako

5 taon na ang nakalipas.

Pero dahil lang sa post mo sa Facebook…

Sa post mo sa Instagram…

Inanod nanaman ako pabalik ng nakaraan.

Note: Tried writing in Tagalog for the first time since I started writing. I like it 🙂 I might write in Tagalog more. Or maybe I might write an English version of this… I don’t know… We’ll see 🙂


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I have always been content-
With what I have;
With what I will gain;
With what I am;
With what I will be.
And then you came along;
Your face on tv,
Your voice on the radio,
Your smile on the magazine.
That is when a little part of me dies.
That is when I realize that I will never be complete.
In the end,
I have to be content with existing-
Watching, listening, looking,
On the other side of it all.


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I close my eyes

It’s just you and me.

Your hand in mine,

fingers intertwined.

Lying in our soft, warm bed,

thinking about nothing at all.

I feel your lips on mine,

I smile and cherish the moment.

I thank the heavens for giving you to me.

I feel your hand caress my face.

I bring your palm to my lips,

I hold on, never wanting to let go-

And my alarm clock blares an annoying sound.

I wake up.


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