The Difference(s)

2016/02/13 § Leave a comment

We are 2, 620 km apart-
Separated by land and sea.
Your clock chimes twelve-
I wait for one more hour.
You live through 4 seasons-
I suffer through the heat of the tropical sun.
You wake up after 2 hours of sleep,
Ready to go to rehearsal-
I stand up after a 5 hour nap,
For another day at the office.
You dance atop a stage-
I run through the bustling rush hour crowd.
You sing in front of thousands-
I try to sing inside the shower.
You have 81,088 fans all over the world-
I have 303 followers on Twitter.
You sleep through a 1-hour & 57-minute flight to Tokyo every other day-
I sweat through a 1-hour & 50 minute train ride and walk to work every single day.
I believe that I am falling in love with you everyday-
You do not even know I exist.


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